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A complex situation

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A complex situation

I have a Chase Sapphire credit card. I was approved for the card while I was employed, making a good wage. I'm no longer working, and I now receive unemployment. 


Chase had recently mailed me an offer wherein if I open a checking account with them and setup direct deposit, they will pay me $300 cash. Although I have no job, I could set up direct deposit of my unemployment checks into my my Chase checking account.


I'm concerned that if I set up direct deposit from my unemployment to my Chase checking account, Chase will notice the discrepancy between this and the job I reported when I applied for my credit card. I'm concerned that this may cause Chase to restrict my credit, or that it may harm my credit more generally.


What do you think?

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Re: A complex situation

It probably would hurt you. 


Do not poke the Chase bear. Live within your means, and try not to rely much on your credit card. Avoid debt. Once you have a job again, another similar offer will still be there. 

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Re: A complex situation

I agree, do not rock the boat. It could hurt you worse than you think!


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Re: A complex situation

This is like the game Pac-Man, you keep trying to gobble up the ghosts and in the end your greed kills you.

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