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AAoA question!?

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Re: AAoA question!?

So, if I opened an account in June 2008 and paid if off/closed it in June 2010, would the age of that account be 4 years? Or just the 2 years the account was open?
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Re: AAoA question!?

The age of that account would be 4 years.  It starts from when it was opened and continues to increase until it falls off your record, which is ~10 years after the account was closed.  So that account when it drops off would have an age of ~14 years.


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Re: AAoA question!?

Revelate wrote:

CK only calculates based on open accounts, FICO does both open and closed accounts.  That's the source of your discrepancy though I didn't calculate it out by hand in your case.

THANKS! This is super helpful. I was wondering why my CK AAoA was so low.



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