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AU Victoria's Secret - delayed add?

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AU Victoria's Secret - delayed add?

Hi Folks !!

I am new to the community but have enjoyed becoming more educated by read so many post!!


So on to my first question.


I was added as an AU to an existing VS account about 4 months ago. To date,  its still not showing up on my CR.  

Any thoughts on why it hasnt shown up ?


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: AU Victoria's Secret - delayed add?

Do you and the primary accountholder share the same address? Has the account had any monthly activity in the last 4 months?
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Re: AU Victoria's Secret - delayed add?

We do not share the same address. She also added me on a CC and it hit my report.  Yes, there has been activity on the card both transactions and payments since I was added. 

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Re: AU Victoria's Secret - delayed add?

IIRC, it is likely that the address may need to match for Comenity to report? Perhaps someone else can chime in.

I'm aware that some lenders don't have to have the same address as the primary accountholder if all other conditions are met or can be verified to match the information for reporting AUs such as DOB, full/partial SS#, etc.
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Re: AU Victoria's Secret - delayed add?

Several reasons might apply......


First, the creditor may have decided not to grant AU reporting based on their internal reporting policies.

Grant of AU reporting is voluntary.  Abuses in selling of AU account reporting to others has resulted in many creditors refusing to grant AU status unless the parties have some clear family association.

Is the party who has consented to your using their account related to you in some manner, and are you sure that the creditor has actually approved their reporting to your credit file?


Second, the CRAs now have increased requirments before they can post AU additions.

Based on the settlement agreement reached between the CRAs and the offices of the AG of several states, the CRAs will not include any reporting of AUs unless the creditor also provided the date of birth of the consumer.

It is possible that the creditor may have reported the AU to your file, but the CRA is blocking addition to your credit report.

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Re: AU Victoria's Secret - delayed add?

Thanks for the follow and additional questions. 

To answer your first question, it was a family member.  My daughter added her to her card.  I can tell you that they did issue an actual card in my name.

 I just cant imagine what would be holding them back from adding.  Would they tell me if I inquired?  Wasnt sure what they would know if I called.  Thanks again to the group for helping!!

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