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Account in dispute - reported by subscriber

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Account in dispute - reported by subscriber

Have posted previously about my issues with citibank. Wife had missed a $4 balance payment. Never late in her entire life. We sent Goodwill letter to CEO email explaining her medical condition and asking if they would consider removing. Specifically admitting it was her fault and not disputing. They called said nothing they could do for her and then they added comments on report saying dispute resolved - customer disagrees. I called stating we didnt dispute and remarks we're not appropriate. They agreed it would be removed with in 30days. 30 days later it's removed but replaced with account in dispute -reported by subscriber! WTH! Told them we were making purchase and it would effect our process. What options do we have?
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Re: Account in dispute - reported by subscriber

NOt only is their reporting of a good-will request as a dispute improper, their subsequent reporting of a resolved dispute is even more improper.


If they treat a letter as a dispute rather than as a good-willl request, they have acknowledged that they consider it to be a direct dispute under the provisions of FCRA 623(a)(8).  They are then oblligated to send the consumer a formal notice of results of investigation of the dispute within 30 days, which either verifies the accuracy as reported, corrects the reporting, or deletes it.

They cannot both treat a letter as a direct dispute and then fail to conclude the dispute by a formal notice of results within 30 days.

They are in admitted violation of the direct dispute process if they simply report a concluded dispute without sending the required results of their investigation.


I would contact them and request deletion of any reference to any dispute.

If they fail to comply, then send a formal complaint to the CFPB for either their mistreatment of your letter, or for their violation of the requirments under the direct dispute process.

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Re: Account in dispute - reported by subscriber

Now it's getting more aggravating! Citibank agreed to remove remarks, instead they replaced previous remarks with
"Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements" we are in process of purchasing RV and this is possibly going to effect process. Unbelievable!
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Re: Account in dispute - reported by subscriber

Time for a formal complaint to the CFPB, asserting either misreporting of a dispute when there was none, or alternately, misreporting of their formal conclusion of a direct dispute when they have not sent any notice of results of verification of any direct dispute to you.


They cannot hold that you have disputed, and then not respond with results of their investigation of the "dispute" within the requried period, and then additionally mis-report to the CRA that they have concluded a direct dispute.

They are compounding their screw-ups with each treatment of your prior request.

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Re: Account in dispute - reported by subscriber

Thanks for reply! In my initial contact I was clear I wasn't disputing, just asking if they would remove based on her situation and record. She told me she could not but indicated per my request remove comments. She sent me a letter based on conversation. I'm assuming they treated this as a decision, also including her excellent record with them and that comments would be removed to give it 30 to 45 days. So I guess technically I got a letter. But why treated as dispute when told on phone this isn't a dispute. Even made clear in follow up email to CEO. Biggest mystery is why when they put "dispute resolved consumer disagrees", to CA after initial contact then send in
"Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements", after they said they would remove comments?

As if we are disputing again, when they were supposed to remove comments. If this remains I don't know how it will effect our RV loan application. Her score went back up due to this, I guess because it's masking late payment until decision is made ( which it was on their end and we never disputed). Going to talk with finance loan department at dealer tomorrow to find out with being so close to loan process we need or should push issue. At least until this is over. Made it seem the process is based on accessing score and algorithms. Not as detailed as purchasing home.
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Re: Account in dispute - reported by subscriber

Thanks for reply!

After intial conversation that was based off email to CEO, it was made clear we were not disputing just asking if they would consider removing based on Goodwill. Received voicemail that they could not and that since she could not talk directly would send letter. That same day comments on report should up with "dispute resolved - customer disagrees". Talked with them directly on phone prior to a letter and again made clear this wasn't a dispute. Said removing late is against policy but would remove comments based on our request. She sent letter including that they would remove comments give it 30 days. Im assumimg they treated this as some form of a decision letter. Mystery is why they would replace the comments with
"Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements"?
Being so close to RV loan application im consulting with our dealer finance department to find out if we need or should push issue. Or at least until after purchase. They made it seem when it's processed it's based on algorithms and score, quick decision. Not like mortgage loan where report is gone through in detail. Not sure if this is accurate. Im curious, if we leave it alone and wait 30 days and no decision is made, would CA be force to remove? Thanks
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