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Acronym help - 'AA' ?

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Acronym help - 'AA' ?

Greetings -

Looked for an Acronym 'sticky', but came up dry.

Wondering what 'AA' means, in the context of 'high utilization can cause AA'.

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Re: Acronym help - 'AA' ?

Adverse Action

i.e. CLD Credit Limit Decrease. Or even closing of cards. 

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Re: Acronym help - 'AA' ?

While it wasn't the point of this thread, I'd like to add that adverse action is extremely rare due to just high utilization.  As long as creditors are getting paid on time every month, even if it's just minimum payments, AA is rare.  Yes there are a few examples of it and someone may even chime in saying it happened to them, but for every example of it due to only high utilization there are easily 100 examples of people having no AA taken against them.  Usually there's a catalyst that causes AA, such as missing just 1 payment (30 days) and at that point it's game on for creditors to do whatever they please and you'll often see AA taken against MANY accounts, not just the one that was late.  I've known people with 7-9 credit cards that have had ALL of them maxed out for just under a year to just over a year and they never saw any AA since they never missed any payments. 


It is worth noting that CLIs are a near impossibility if you've got maxed out credit lines, though.

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Re: Acronym help - 'AA' ?

Here's a link to a thread that lists common abbreviations used on myFICO:

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