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Advice for removing inaccurate data from CRA's?

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Advice for removing inaccurate data from CRA's?

This may be an in-depth description with some necessary background, so bear with me if you will.


So in January 2019, my mom took a mini-trip to San Diego. Since she doesn't like to fly, she took Amtrak instead. While on Amtrak, she decided to apply for the BofA Amtrak card. Since she doesn't know her SSN, she carries her card with her if she needs it. Instead of using her SSN, she used mine - for some reason, she had my social security card and used my SSN instead (she's older) and the account shows up on my credit reports now. I cancelled the card in February 2019 since I didn't need it, as I don't (and probably won't) ride Amtrak. 


I forgot about this until I reviewed my reports recently. (I probably forgot about it since my credit wasn't entirely important to me until recently.) I disputed it with TU, EX, and EQ to remove it. TU approved the removal, whereas EX and EQ didn't remove it, citing that the information from BofA was correct. I called BofA to see if they could help, and they said that since I didn't close the account citing fraud, they cannot change anything. I didn't close it citing fraud since I wasn't sure if and adverse actions would be taken against my mom since she is a little older. 


Advice for getting the card removed from EX and EQ? 

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Re: Advice for removing inaccurate data from CRA's?

I am not sure that you can. The only way would be to claim fraud which you don't want to do. 

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