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Alert from CreditWise

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Alert from CreditWise

A note to Mods not sure what forum to put this in so I apologize if it's in the wrong one.

Got an email saying there's been a change to my credit report. I login and there's no changes at all everything looks the same but I dropped 60 points. I check my Alerts tab and it says this:

Fraud Alert

Credit Bureau3/08/17

Statement added because consumer was a victim of true-name fraud:#HK#IFCRA
The bureau reported that you placed a fraud alert on your own credit report so that lenders will contact you directly before issuing credit in your name

Reporting Detail

Date Reported: 3/08/17

About 6 months ago I saw something on my credit report that didn't match my SSN but it did have my nme and showed on my report so I contacted TU and requested it me removed because it wasn't my account. Subsequently it was removed I never heard anything else about it. I just don't see why I'm getting notified of this today and what exactly does it mean now that I have a fraud alert is that bad???
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Re: Alert from CreditWise

Update - Apparently all three Bureaus put a fraud alert on my account after I disputed an account from 2011 on my EQ report. Dispute reason was that there was fraud on that account, which is true but that was 6 years ago...
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Re: Alert from CreditWise

If you dropped 60 points on Creditwise it's no big deal I added a fraud alert on all 3 CRA and my Fico's stayed the same.. actually they went up cause it was a little memo telling me not to apply Smiley Surprised you can call them to remove it
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Re: Alert from CreditWise

I tried calling and 2 of them said oh we were given a referral from another CRA so we cannot remove the freeze. And EQ said because there's a pending investigation they won't remove it either.
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Re: Alert from CreditWise

A freeze and a fraud alert are different animals.


A fraud alert is authorized under the FCRA, while the terms and conditions of a freeze are based on CRA policy or state regs.

Technically, fraud alerts can only be placed by the named consumer or their designated representative.

However, the CRAs have a standard practice of assuming that when a consumer raises any issues of possible fraud or identity theft, they will assume that it infers a request for a fraud alert.  That is, in my opinion, a reasonable and good practice that I would not contest.


A consumer always has the right, under the FCRA, to withdraw a fraud alert at any time by sending notice, along with proof of identity, to the CRA.

A fraud alert can be an inconvenience if you are currently applying for credit, as the party must personally contact you before any approval, but it is otherwise not a big deal.


However, a freeze will have different procedures for removal, and there may be additional restrictions.

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Re: Alert from CreditWise

Hmm I understand that but if the only reference being made to fraud is from something 6 years ago then they should at least contact me to find out if it is ongoing or was only something that happened that long ago.

It's a pain because they sent it to the other two CRAs and they too enacted fraud alerts based on information from EQ.

I spoke to EX and they said they will remove it if sent notice from EQ that the fraud alert was an error otherwise it will remain in effect for 90 days.

What exactly happens in a fraud alert can I request a CLI or will that be shot down because of the fraud alert?
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