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Amex CLI

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Amex CLI

I've been in a rebuilding phase with my credit for awhile now and I was recently approved for a 2K limit with Amex (I already had a $500 CL Chase Slate and $2500 CL Capital One) I added my husband who has amazing credit as an auth user not realizing the acct would post to his credit as well. Today was day 61 since the acct was opened and even though the card is at the moment maxed out (I've been maxing out and paying off) I decided to apply for the 3X CLI and was shockingly approved. Even though my hubby is just an auth user is his credit taken into consideration with CLIs? I'd like to think I FINALLY got a card with a decent limit on my own but question it since the acct also posted to his credit report as well. Does anyone know how this works??
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Re: Amex CLI

Since you are the primary for the card you assume all responsibility for it so his credit is not even taken into consideration when processing CLI requests on your AMEX. They must've taken your credit score and their own internal risk score when evaluating the increase you received. So congrats on that that was all you.

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Re: Amex CLI

Stop crying, Barb - that CLI was all you!!!


Way to go!!!


Feels awsome doesn't it?

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