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Amex Clear


Re: Amex Clear

Im not sure what the diffrence between clear and blue is, but my wife and I both just got approved for the blue, she got 12000 CL and I got 2000 CL, her scores are a little higher, but I checked my ex today and its 669, which is my lowest of the 3.  Both of us got 15 months 0 % apr and 4.99 on BT for the life of the balance.
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Re: Amex Clear

Niki9 wrote:
HSBC said that I was never late.  In fact they sent me my payment history today.  They told me to dispute w/CRA.
Do you have any suggestions for cards?  I need to get my credit score up and the problem is that I am maxed on 3 of 5 cards.   1 card is paid off and I don't want transfer any balance to it.  It is an Applied Bank card.. formerly Cross Country bank and I can't wait to close it.  (They have charge me so many fees)  It was the only card I could get after BK.
I guess I need to get utilization much lower but don't want to risk the declined inq.

With that info, you should have a successful dispute and the lates deleted. That along with lowering your util% on your CCs will vastly improve your scores. Util below 50% will help a little, util below 30% even better, util at 1-9% max FICO points. Not only is Amex BK unfriendly, they don't like high debt revolvers who make small monthly payments. With your current util, it will be difficult for you to get approved for a new CC.
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