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Amex CreditSecure

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Re: Amex CreditSecure

Thanks guys....which card should I bill to??? Green / Delta / SPG ? For the points?

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Re: Amex CreditSecure

It is a FAKO, but it is also a great service!
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Re: Amex CreditSecure

Is the unlimited service on pull per calender date or 24hr + 1 minute.  I've got USAA now it's calender date.  Had another service in the past that was 24hr+ and hated that. 

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Re: Amex CreditSecure

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Hello all...does anyone know if Amex offers a lower monthly fee (say, $9.95) if you call to cancel the way myFICO does? Thanks.

Not sure, I pay $25 / month for unlimited 3 bureau pulls. Worth a try if you want to keep them and its a little too much $$ for you. Excellent product.

is your $25 a month with Amex CreditSecure or another service? Do you get the full reports or just the scores?

Its with AMEX CreditSecure and yes you get full 3 bureau reports every day.

$25 per month for daily pulls seems like a much better deal than $14.95 per month for twice-monthly pulls. I'll have to look into that, since I didn't even know about it. Thanks.

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Re: Amex CreditSecure

The experian credit pull is obviously a FAKO, are the EQ & Trans FAKOs too?
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