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Apple Card

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Apple Card

How much does getting Apple Card boost your score? Wondering if it is worth it to jump over 750...

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Re: Apple Card

Hi and welcome to the forums 


Opening revolving  accounts doesn't boost scores (past first few accounts) unless new account significantly decreases aggregate utilization. 

If your utilization isn't high, there will be no boost (as long as this isn't your second or third card).

If you haven't applied for a new account in the past 12 months and you have a clean file, you will experience scoring loss 

If you have new revolving accounts from last 12 months, score may decrease if aging metrics are affected, or it may remain same.  


Why do you think opening account might increase score? 



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Re: Apple Card

One sentence doent help us much to help you. More credit doesnt mean higher scores. You may be holding your 750 score and not know it. List out your accounts:

Creditor name/ Credit Line/ Balance/Any lates.


Welcome to the forums. More than happy to help.

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