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Are Barclay usually not forgiving with fees?

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Are Barclay usually not forgiving with fees?

So, here's what happened:


1) I got my tax refund money

2) I had it deposited in Bank #1

3) I transferred the entire balance in Bank #2, which was $2,400

4) I found out the balance was transferred twice, therefore, Bank #2 shows a balance of $4,800

5) I called Bank #2, they verified that they do see entire balance of $4,800

6) I called Bank #1, they verified that they did see that I only had a balance of $2,400 but on the backend, the transfer department covered the entire balance of $4,800

7) I called Bank #2 requesting to reverse the HALF balance, the $2,400, back to Bank #1 - leaving the remaining $2400 alone in Bank #2

8) I made a payment to Barclay Apple Visa reward card

9) I found out next day that the ENTIRE balance was reversed

10) The payment to Barclay Apple Visa was not fully processed yet


Because of the mistakes and errors made on Bank #1 and #2, I got NSF fees. I contacted both, and they were forgiving and waived the fee.


I allowed the entire thing to settle down first with the messy transfers before I can transfer the balance of $2,400 back to Bank #2 as originally planned. While the entire thing was settling down, I saw that I have two separate payment holds and one of them was a payment from Bank #2. Then I noticed I have $27 fee for returned payment.


I called Barclay and wow, were they rude, they were blaming Bank #2 and they had to cover the fee. It was an honest mistake on all ends. They are refusing to waive the fee of $27.


What do I do here? I mean, I know, $27 is a cute thing to pay up over, but I just would like to save every penny I can? I'm just taken aback at how Barclay's customer service responded.


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Re: Are Barclay usually not forgiving with fees?

Best suggestion - don’t fight Barclays on this. They are well known for taking AA. 


I would just pay the fee and be happy they didn’t close the card. Returned payments are a huge problem and credit card companies are not forgiving when this happens at all - even Capital One which tolerates things most lenders won’t has been known to close accounts for a returned payment. It doesn’t matter who is at fault, the bottom line is a payment was processed and not received. 

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Re: Are Barclay usually not forgiving with fees?

The whole mess-up between bank 1 and 2 had nothing to do with Barclays, so why would they forgive a fee that was correctly charged for a NSF payment? It was not an honest mistake on all ends, it was a mistake by bank 2 (and possibly bank 1, not sure how $2,400 became $4,800 in the first place) that had consequences on all ends.


If bank 2 screwed this up, bank 2 should be the one reimbursing your $27 late fee to Barclays, and they're the ones you need to be talking to. Barclays is correct when they say to go after them.

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Re: Are Barclay usually not forgiving with fees?

Never had an experience like this with them but I did have a late fee by one day one time because the mail and they reversed it and were very nice about it as my record demonstrated it was an anomaly.
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