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Asset reporting wrong, keep verifying!!

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Asset reporting wrong, keep verifying!!

Ugh! Asset Acceptance is reporting a DOFD of 6/2010, OC is NFCU DOFD 4/2010. I used EE on TU to have NFCU deleted but Asset is still showing. I have disputed numerous times for inaccurate dates but they keep coming back verified. I've quoted FCRA rules but nothing... frustrated!!!!! They just won't go away!
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Re: Asset reporting wrong, keep verifying!!

If the OC is also reporting a DOFD, then FCRA 623(a)(5) sets that as the DOFD that must also be reported by the debt collector.

Debt collectors must obtain the DOFD ftrom the OC, and thus reporting of a different OC than that shown as having been reported by an OC is contradiictory.

Thus, you have a prima facie case of improper reporting of the DOFD by the debt collector.


Once a furnisher has verified the accuracy of reported information, they can dismiss a second and subsequent dispute on the substantially the same basis as being "frivolous ir irrrelevant."  You have two options for further action.

Since the facts seem to clearly prove your point, you can file a formal complaint tihe CFPB, and hope they force a resolution.

You can also or additionally bring your own civil action based on their lack of a reasonable investigation of your dispute, which they verified nothwithstanding the clear showing in your credit report that the OC is reporting a different DOFD.

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Re: Asset reporting wrong, keep verifying!!


I may have been under a rock since Asset changed their policy but I filed with the CFPB regarding their reporting and they agreed to delete!!!

In the letter they stated their "policy has changed for paid trade lines past 2 years of DOFD". Apparently they are deleting all paid trade lines past two years! I didn't know this and if I did they would have been gone 4 years ago!!!!

I hope this helps someone struggling with these vultures!!!
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