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Does anyone have AutoPay set up and been using it for a while? Im kinda paranoid about the "payments will be made on the due date" aspect. I usually make the minimum payment the day after it posts and have never missed a payment. I just dont want there to be a "technical" issue and have a neg on my file for the payment not going through on time.  


Any pos/ neg feedback would be greatly appreciated =) 

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Re: AutoPay

I use auto pay on my accounts simply as a backup for credit cards. I have selected make the minimum payment on the due date. I always go on line and pay more than minimum before the next statement date and before the due date on my own. But I like the protection of the auto pay. When I pay as I do then it becomes a zero due by the due date and there is no pull.


The exception to this had been Citi which pulled the minimum payment from my account no matter what prior payment was made. But I just got an e-mail from them that they are changing to the same practice as others. If the minimum has already been paid then no draw.


On the other side I have all my utility payments and cell phone set to auto pay and I just let them do it. I never log in to pay early and have never encountered a problem with a late payment or fee. If I did I would simply call them and point out the setup. I monitored each one for the first couple payments to make sure. Logged in to the accounts the day after due to see that the payment was made. Now I don't bother anymore as I see it come out of checking each month.

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Re: AutoPay

That's a good plan HoldingOntoHope, though like you I've never had any trouble on any of my autopay accounts.  There's a first itme for everything though, and your strategy is a good defense mechanism regarding CC payments.  Thank you for posting it.

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Re: AutoPay

I do the same thing as holdingontohope

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Re: AutoPay

I too am signed up for auto pay but only as a back up!!

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