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Available credit - How much should I have?

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Available credit - How much should I have?

Last pulled FICO from

TU 578

EX 634


I currently have

all unsecured:

show mastercard $1200 limit

Orchard bank $500 limit

Capital one $500 limit


show and orchard opened in 2011 , cap one and boa opened this year


and the 99/500 patially secured BOA card

$500 limit ($0 balance)


I am hoping to purchase a house by the end of 2013, will be working on paying off all the baddies on my reports , do have one judgement that I am trying to settle..


Do I need any more credit at this point? If so can anyone recomend any other good re-building cards?


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Re: Available credit - How much should I have?

should have mentioned also - all have 0 or under $100 balance.


I just use them - in emergencey, and when I do I try to pall in full each month


only using credit cards to help re-build.



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Re: Available credit - How much should I have?


As long as you aren't carrying any balances you should be fine with the cards & limits that you have now.      However you might want to consider what your utilization would be like if you did have to carry a balance for some reason, maybe give yourself a little extra room.....

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Re: Available credit - How much should I have?

thats was kind of my thinking..I hardly use them but the total of my available credit seems low..


If god forbid I had an unexpected car bill etc and had to charge smething larger and give myself a little time to pay it off.. a higher utilazation might tick my score down a bit (when Ive been making such steady but slow progress at ticking it up lol)


Any cards besides the one I have that anyone can recomend?

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Re: Available credit - How much should I have?

You already have plenty of cards and CL for rebuilding. That's the easy part, and I know you didn't really want to hear it.


You need to get working on having those baddies removed PRONTO!


You need to have that judgment settled in such a way that once you pay it off it will be set aside and removed from your report. Having a judgment on your report could cost you as much as 100 points! There isn't a fist full of credit cards that will raise your score 100 points that I know of.


I know you can do it! Work on it a little each week. Don't get discouraged!


Now go make some calls and write some letters!


Good luck!



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