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BARRY or someone that Knows !

Administrator Emeritus

Re: BARRY or someone that Knows !

jdeezy wrote:
Thanks Barry ! Sorry I haven't been on liine the past couple of days. I received a email saying that I had received a refund. I didn't know why until right now. Thats relly cool because I didn't even ask for it.
I did run into a problem because of the error ! I just went to the table for a mortgage and the 60 day late was showing.( The lender used my fico)......... Can I get a updated report sent to them? If so how should I contact?........thanks in advance

Hi jdeezy --
Lenders don't use myFICO so it's doubtful that the error you saw on your myFICO report will be what your lender sees.  The issue with your myFICO report should have no effect on your report or FICO score pulled by your lender via their normal means.
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