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Balance decrease causes FICO to drop???

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Re: Balance decrease causes FICO to drop???

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I paid off a credit card. $45 balance. Utilization for this card 18% to 0% my score dropped 15 freaking points. It literally gives that as a reason for the drop. I have a small balance on 2 other cards.

Your score did not drop from paying off the $45 balance and you aren't being given a reason for the drop.  You're being provided with an alert for a change to your credit report (balance paid down/off) and at the time of the alert you're being provided with an updated score.  The score change realized does not have to be at all related to the alert reason received It's crucial that you understand this.  There are plenty of other things that can go on with a CR that aren't alertable reasons that are causing your score to fluctuate without you knowing it.  If you have a small reported balance on 2 other cards and they aren't store cards or AU cards (they're your own major bank cards) it's literally impossible for your score to have dropped from paying off / reporting a $0 balance on a 3rd card. 

This is what everyone must understand. 

Over $300,000 in credit across 12 cards.

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