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Bank Of America Collection..Help!


Bank Of America Collection..Help!

I had a Bank of America collection, I settled the account for less than full value.  I knew the collection would show on my report. But what i did not know is that Bank Of America would create another account showing the unpaid balance as past due on my credit report. Now i have recieved a letter from a different collection agency for the unpaid balance plus interest from the original settlement. I have all documents from the original settlement, and now have to send them to the other agency who is trying to collect the unpaid balance. Has anyone else exppierienced this problem, and how do i get the unpaid balance of the settlement removed from my CR showing past due....this is killing me, i'm at 650 and can't help to think that i would recieve a significant boost if this was off my report. the  $2138.00 is also showing as credit extended on my report also. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Bank Of America Collection..Help!

when you settle with a company it means they will stop all further collection activity. Did you actually have a written agreemtn to the settlement terms? I would call them and find out why they are reporting it again.
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