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Bank of America Student Checking + Hard Inquiry?

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Re: Bank of America Student Checking + Hard Inquiry?


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@llecs wrote:

IME, BofA does a hard inquiry. In fact, they'll do a hard inquiry for both checking and savings, assuming you don't open them at the same time.




This has been my experience as well.

I guess it is better for me to say YMMV since BoA did a hard pull on checking and only a soft on savings 9 months later IME.This was a business account so that may make a difference but I really do not know.


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Re: Bank of America Student Checking + Hard Inquiry?

Thanks! OK, so I'll be avoiding BoA, and I emailed a Fremont Bank rep and she said that they only use chexsystems for assessing whether or not to give an individual a checking account. I'm still looking for confirmation from Wells Fargo as they don't really know how to answer my question yet. :/

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