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Barclay FICO Score

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Barclay FICO Score

Is it just me, or does it seem that Barclays reports dropping scores faster than rising scores? Seems like everytime I have a droppage, Barclays is "Johnny" on the spot with an updated score. Yet, when I expect to see an increase, they just drag their feet. Currently my Barclays Reward Mastercard has not updated since early September. 

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Re: Barclay FICO Score

I've never noticed that, but they do note that they don't necessarily receive a score every month but that they may also receive multiple scores in a month.


They did pull my score in early October but aren't showing one from November.

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Re: Barclay FICO Score

I always receive notifications whenever anything changes up/down.  And, as @coldfusion mentioned upthread, I haven't seen the updated score from November yet.

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Re: Barclay FICO Score

I guess I just found it odd that when I look at the History graph, there is a score for every consecutive month from Oct 2019 to Sept 2020. Then nothing for this October. No biggie thou since Discover and BofA also do TU and are current thru October.

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