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Best Buy Upgrade Plus Confusing Decline

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Best Buy Upgrade Plus Confusing Decline

Hi all,


I went to purchase a new MacBook last week using Best Buy's Upgrade Plus program through Citizens. I have a 695 score, no debt other than an auto loan and student loans. I've also used Citizens in the past for their Xbox program without any issue. I was instantly declined.


I received the decline notice today and their reasoning was "line assignment too low for program guidelines". I googled this and couldn't find anything. 


I did try to apply for Best Buy's credit card and was instantly approved with a limit of $5k. Just odd to me.

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Re: Best Buy Upgrade Plus Confusing Decline

So in order to be approved for a Visa Infinite card you must be able to qualify for at a $10k credit line. It's supposed to be $5k minimum for a Visa Signature but banks have been flouting that rule for quite some time but I digress. If your profile doesn't support a limit of $10k, but you can be approved for say $7.5k then your Visa Infinite card application is automatically denied because you didn't meet that $10k minimum that is required by Visa themselves to be approved.


What you have here is a similar situation, the program requires you to be able to qualify for a certain amount of credit in order to be approved at all. Essentially the denial reason is saying that whatever that number is, your profile didn't support that minimum based on their UW criteria. Whatever that criteria is today.


The fact that you were able to be approved for the BB card with a $5k limit suggest that the underwriting criteria are different for these products and not much else unfortunately. Honestly I think the BB card route was the better way to go personally.


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Re: Best Buy Upgrade Plus Confusing Decline

Thank you. That makes a lot of sense. 

I think you're right. Three BB card will be useful next year when we upgrade our TV.  I was hoping for a cheaper monthly payment but still have 0% for 12 months using the card so it's fine. Hate paying interest.

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