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Big Problem - HELP!

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Big Problem - HELP!

Ok - I'm very upset!  I just pulled my husband's three FICO scores and they are as follows - TU 629, EQ 595, EXP 585.  I know they aren't very good - We are working to repair his credit - I'm so upset b/c we had a 30 day late payment in Mar. 07 which is correct and I know is not good - I tried to get a GW adjustment but they wouldn't do it.  So anyways, I did make a $600 payment to them to get utilization below 30% on the card and the new balance was reported today so I thought maybe we would get a small score boost and we didn't so I'm looking at his Experian report on myfico and for that account it says that it has a 30 day late payment but then down below on the little graph they have to show the payments with the little boxes instead of it showing a 30 day late in the box it shows a "60" and below the graph it says it was 60 days late 1 time which is completely incorrect!  Now above the graph it says 30 days late 1 time so do you think that the score is reflecting 60 days late or 30 days late.  I know neither is good but dang I certainly don't want to be dinged for a 60 day late.  Whose error is this since it shows 30 and 60 days late on same page for same account - the creditor or credit bureau or myfico???  I need to get this fixed in case the "60" is pulling down the score.  It shows correctly as 30 days late on other 2 reports on Transunion and Equifax - Who should I contact - Do I have to do an investigation and wait 30 days for this - I hope not!!!!!
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Re: Big Problem - HELP!

Contact the CCC and let them know that it is reporting correctly on 2 reports but incorrectly on the third.  Ask them to adjust the report that is incorrect to reflect 30 days late not 60.
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