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CITI Financing on Amazon

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CITI Financing on Amazon

Just noticed this today. Is it new?







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Re: CITI Financing on Amazon

Hmmmm, first time I've ran across it. Thanks for sharing!

The going APR seems to be a bit high for long term or extended financing, but an alternative for those who don't want to open up a new account and use their eligible Citi card.

This is almost like their Flex loan thingy except a la Amazon.
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Re: CITI Financing on Amazon

Does not seem great. The total is deducted from your available credit so I guess the only difference is the interest. Citi's lowest interest I could find on their cards is 15.49%. So I guess if you cannot get a 0% offer the 8ish rate is appealing. If needed to finance something at Amazon I would just take fhe Synchrony hard pull. The terms are far superior to this Citi offer. Store Card
  • 5% back with an eligible Prime membership4
  • 6 equal monthly payments with 0% interest on purchases $150 or more7
  • 12 equal monthly payments with 0% interest on purchases $600 or more7
  • 24 equal monthly payments with 0% interest on select purchases $600 or more7
  • Special Financing options available on purchases of $150 or more7
  • No annual fee8
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Re: CITI Financing on Amazon

While I'm sure some people will found value in this. I don't buy anything that expensive on Amazon, that I'd need to make monthly payments. 

But when I do, I use my Gold card to earn points. And if needbe I just use Citi BT offer to pay it back @ cheaper % APR.

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