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CRA Reporting

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CRA Reporting

Decided to take advantage of the additional CRA reports and noticed one odd piece of reporting. I thought I was AZEO and based on my statements and spreadsheet of my accounts, etc. But all my reports state two accounts with Discover reporting $90 when my statement states a $0 balance at close? In fact the credit reports doesn't state any minumum payment due for that account. There is a $90 charge after new statement period, the next day and that's when the report date was on CR's. I also know Discover will report mid cycle for things like adding AU cards, etc. but this would mean that there reporting is not actual statement balance but actual balance of date reported (next day in this case).


Not a big deal as I'm not seeking credit and AZEO reporting is mostly normal but never had a day after statement date balance report before. 

Jan. 2017 Fico 8 - low 500's
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