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Can I get back in DCU

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Can I get back in DCU

Back in 2017 I applied for DCU membership

i tried to link up 2 outside bank accts to my DCU share savings acct. Didnt get a chance to get welcome letter or anything. DCU closed my acct kept my $15 donation and $10 In savings acct.  no letter no return of funds.  I tried to call them in Oct 2021 still won't allow me membership they said what I did was fraud how is it when im not near a local branch by link acct is only way I can put money in. I haven't do anything wrong.  Do you know of any way I can get back in?


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Re: Can I get back in DCU

There's really not enough information. Did they elaborate as to what was fraudulent about your application/account? Without knowing what their stated response was beyond 'fraudulent', all we can do is speculate.
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