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Cap1 or BOA...?


Cap1 or BOA...?

Ok guys so far everyone on here has shot me strait answers and now I have another....I just told Wells Fargo to stick it after 7 years of banking, so my question is do I go with BOA or Cap1, I direct deposit around $3200 a month and only use my debit card to pay everything either online or in person. I currently have a secured Cap1 card if that matters. Who is the better person to bank with, I'm also working on credit as well if that matters. 


Thanks guys for any input.

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Re: Cap1 or BOA...?

IMO, none of the above. I banked with all 3 (WF included) and don't like any of them. Aim for a local bank or CU; where they'd know you by name vs. another digit.

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