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Capital One judgement renewal

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Capital One judgement renewal

Ok I have a judgment from capital one from 2009 and judgments are good in maryland 12 years so the judment is set to expire in about a year and a half. 


So I'm wondering if anyone has every had a judgment from capital one that has been renewed or should I really not worry about it. 


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Re: Capital One judgement renewal

Very few firms renew judgments. IDK about capital one in specific 

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Re: Capital One judgement renewal

It's a combined business/legal decision that is dependent to a high degree upon their expectation of being able to collect on the debt.


What are your individual circumstances regarding shielding of your income or assets from being forcibly taken by the judgment creditor?

For example, is your income of a type or level that shields it from garnishment?  Is the judgment creditor aware that they cannot collect, such as by having brought prior actions to attach assets or garnish wages that were for some reason unsuccessful?

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