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Chase wrong SSN?

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Chase wrong SSN?

Very long story short (stemming from last year), I am dealing with an issue I attempted to open a chase checking account to start my relationship with them and I gave them my SSN. My SSN, that my other CC and monitoring said was on Dark Web, pulled up a different name, the name of the Dark Web person. Turns out said individual opened 2 Chase slates in 2010. These do not show up on my CRs and the SS office does not pull up this individual. Everything gets frozen, but chase has been giving me run around with their fraud dept. What other options or what can I do, because I want some chase CC to starting building and tracking up points.
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Re: Chase wrong SSN?

Its so unfortunante that individuals would do this to you. Sometimes you may have to severe you're relationship with them. Keep pressing on the issue. Remember all their call's are documented, and recorded for maintaining purposes.

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