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Citi Double Cash DELAYED.

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Citi Double Cash DELAYED.

I applied for DC and was approved on March 1st, 2023, but I haven't received my card yet. 

I reached out to Citi and was told by CS that they're having a problem with their vendor and that my card should be sent out sometime in April.


Is anyone experiencing the same issue with Citi? 

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Re: Citi Double Cash DELAYED.

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Re: Citi Double Cash DELAYED.

@FireMedic1 wrote:

Supply chain issues. From another thread. 

Thanks for sharing that link. 

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Re: Citi Double Cash DELAYED.

I didn't have a problem with Citi but I got the same message with my SOFI credit card. Told me that they had a problem with the vendor that makes the cards and it would be delayed up to 4 weeks. Not sure if it's the same vendor but I find the similarity curious. 

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