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Citi simplicity card no updated reporting

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Citi simplicity card no updated reporting

I have had this card since 3/2018, used it for a BT and paid it off. After numerous and I do mean numerous  tries I finally got an increase in December.  


I was just checking my reports and they have not updated since September 😕 Now I realize there has not been activity for awhile but I have several other cards that also have no recent usage and they still report. Is this a citi thing or what?  Our cobranded cards always report (HD, Macys )


Honestly I really have not much use for this card unless they offer another BT,  but after being blacklisted for sooooo long it was kinda of a conquest for me lol. And I know they don't let you PC with this card.  Just wondering if I have to swipe a piece of gum for them to report?

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Re: Citi simplicity card no updated reporting

There are times cards go "inactive", generally, it's recommended to keep a card "active", is to use it every 3-6 months. I.E. - some of the cards that I have, I have minor charges that bill every month (netflix, hulu, etc.), all are set to auto-pay with text reminders.

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Re: Citi simplicity card no updated reporting

Use your cards and they will report.  It's that simple.

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Re: Citi simplicity card no updated reporting

CITI has reported for me on cards that I had no balance. At the end of the day no reporting is still good reporting. Lenders only look at the balance, and the age/status of the account.

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Re: Citi simplicity card no updated reporting

When was the last time you used the card? I'm assuming the paid BT balance was during September/October?

Even if the CLI was approved in December, without any activity since PIF, then the tradeline will just report whatever balance or transaction activity occurred during that time period.

A variety of lenders report in this fashion, which is not limited to Citi.
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Re: Citi simplicity card no updated reporting

Use the card and let leave a small balance of a few bucks and see if that will trigger and update (confident it will).  I once had a Comenity Overstock card that would stop reporting if I didn't use it.  With them I didn't have to leave a balance for it to report...the activitty alone triggered them to do so. 

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