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Collection on credit report

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Collection on credit report

I bought a home last year, which was contingent on my own house selling.  We had already moved out and setup utilities at the new house, but our buyer never qualified and the whole deal crumbled.  By the time I cancelled the electric service at the new house, the owners had racked up a $650 electric bill.  When I called to dispute the bill, the electric provider said that since it was in my name I had to pay the bill.  I did not think this was fair and sent the bill and a letter explaining the situation to the owners.  I never heard anything else about it until I checked my FICO score and it had tumbled to 654.  I had assumed that they paid the bill and had no idea that the bill was still outstanding.  When I had checked my score in March, it was 756, with no sign of a collection on the report.  I never received any collection notices or letters from the electric provider or the collection agency.  Needless to say, I will pay the bill, but is there a way to get the collection off my record?  I have always had decent credit and have a long history with no past dues.  It's a bummer that my credit has to be ruined due to a misunderstanding.  I filed a dispute with Transunion and their resolution was no change.  I am awaiting resolution from Equifax, but don't expect them to change anything.

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Re: Collection on credit report

Are you saying you never actually occupied the house where you had service in your name?  Why did you wait so long to cancel the service?


I guess I am a little confused.



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Re: Collection on credit report

First, thank you for responding.  We(wife & 3 kids) had all of our stuff in a moving truck and waited for almost three weeks while our buyer tried to get her loan approved. Her lender was an idiot and my lender could not make it work.   This was one of the worst experiences in my life and by the time I remembered to cancel service, it had already generated a billing cycle.  At this point, I just want to get the collection off my record.   As I stated before, I am paying the past due bill. Hope that clears confusion.

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Re: Collection on credit report

Call the power company and see if thye will accpet payment. Also,  explained what happened and see if they will recall the account form the collection agency in exchange for payment in full. The collection agency should remove the account from your credit report.



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Re: Collection on credit report

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Re: Collection on credit report

In my opinion, getting the collection deleted now will require you to convince them that the debt, even though in your name, was not really your obligation.  Not an easy thing to do.  They dont want to get into the middle of your personal business, and all you have really given them up to now are assertions.


Hopefully, you at least had some type of legal occupancy agreement for what became, at the time they moved in, a tenant-landlord relationship. Lacking that, at least a letter from them acknowledging it was their debt, not yours. 

If you can prove that they agreed to accept responsibility for utilities during their occupancy, you have a possible small claims action against them for recovery of the debt.  I know, this has nothing to do directly  with credit reporting, but it is the first step.

If you obtain such a judgment, then you at least have legal facts to go back to the creditor and ask for deletion of credit reporting against you.

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