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Collections Account question

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Collections Account question

What date is used to determine the 7 year limit of when a collections account drops off your credit history?  The date assigned, date reported, balance date, date of last activity or status date?  These dates are all listed under the description of the collections account.  Thanks!
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Date of first delinquency. For medical accounts, the date...

Date of first delinquency.

For medical accounts, the date of service.
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Where can I see the date of first delinquency?

Where can I see the date of first delinquency?
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Under the FCRA it is the date it is first reported to the credit bureaus (very similar to the post above stating date of first delinquency).
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DOFD is required to be reported to the credit reporting a...

DOFD is required to be reported to the credit reporting agency, but it is not required to be reported to you or to any third party.

For Experian, I just call them.

The other agencies list an "FCRA compliance date" on their paper reports (which is basically the date the item will fall off, so you can infer the DOFD from there).
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Re: DOFD is required to be reported to the credit reporting a...

Wow, am I confused!  DOFD?  Date of last activity?  Date of last payment?  Which is it?  Just today I was told by a Sun Trust bank representative, at their credit dispute dept. that an account that was charged off on 02/2003, but reported late a year before (2/02) won't fall off until 2011, as on 9/04 I paid the charge off, in full.  Now I know, following the birth of my disabled child, I was late a few times, since 1997, and the loan -- an unsecured home improvement loan, taken out in 1987, with a term of 180 months, was drug out all these 10 long years, due to my attempts to pay, and eventual payment in full.  This charge off, regardless of the fact that it was paid, continues to knock my credit to bits -- 30 points off just this week when Sun Trust updated and in spite of reporting it "paid charge off" they also report continuing payments being made on the account from the year 2000-March 2007!!!  Equifax, Experian and Transunion, therefore, drop my score significantly each and every time Sun Trust updates/reports the old charge off and continuing payments.  Does this make any sense to you at all?  Forgive me the length of this, as I try to recreate it.  Thanks.
Account number     XXXXXXXXX     Current Status:        CHARGE OFF
Account owner:                   High Credit:           $10,828
Type of account:   Installment   Credit limit:          $0
Term:              180 months    Terms/frequency
Date opened:       08/1987       Balance:               $0
*Date reported:    04/2007*      Amount past due:       $0
*Date last pmt:    09/2004       Payment amount:        $0
*Scheduled pmt
amount:            $0            Last Activity:         02/2003
*Date major
delinquency first
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Re: DOFD is required to be reported to the credit reporting a...

Oops ....  hit tab .... to continue:
Date Major delinquency reported:                      Months reviewed:            n/a
Creditor Classification:                                                Activity description:        Paid and closed
Charge off amount:                 $0
Date closed:                             02/2003                        Type of loan:                      Unsecured 
Comments:                               Account closed by consumer. Paid charge off.
81 month payment history
Year      Jan     Feb      Mar     Apr     May     Jun     Jul     Aug    Sept      Oct     Nov      Dec
2007        *          *           *
2006        *         CO        *          *          *           *          *       *           *             *          *           *
2005        *          *           *          *          *           *          *       *           *             *          CO       *
2004        *          *           *          *          *           *          *       *           *             *          *          CO
2003        *          *           *          *          *           *          *       *           *             *          *            *
2002        *          *           *          *          *           *          *       *           *             *          *            *
2001        *          *           *          *          *           *          *       *           *             *          *            *
2000                                                                               *       *           *             *          *            *
Payment history key:
Pays or paid as agreed *
Please explain this to me.  Smiley Sad  Thanks.  
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