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I had several collections showing up on my EX/ EQ credit report - most of which I have paid off.
There are some that I disputed - these were taken off. I checked my CR today and the disputed items have been placed back on and there have been no changes to the ones I have paid off. I have proof of payment. - also there is a HSBC acct that keeps pooping up, I have a letter from HSBC saying there is a zero balance - Sold. Now Palasades is reporting as a collection. this acct is from 1999 - they say it's from 2003 - I requested documentation - I have not gotten anything. What can I do.
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Re: Collections

If the collection is paid, then they can legally report it as a paid collection. Paid collections hurt as much as unpaid collections.


If it's from 1999, then dispute it with the CRAs in writing as too old to report.


If you get a call, letter or CRA reporting from a CA regarding this old TL, then DV them.

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