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I see a collection listed on my main page of credit karma.  When I click on see all and go to TU section it shows no collections.  I pulled TU and EX free weekly report, and shows no category for collections.  I signed up for advance MyFico and nothing listed either.  I see Cavalry did a soft pull on my report on the 23rd which is the same day that front page has a collection on my TU.  Should I be worried?  My score hasn't dropped and even Credit Karma doesn't show any collectionsScreenshot_20211230-070402_Credit Karma.jpg


above is my main page, below is when I click on see all on credit karma

Screenshot_20211230-071040_Credit Karma.jpg


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Re: Collections?

CK does screw up reports occasionally.  For peace of mind go to and pull a free copy of your actual Transunion report yourself and review it carefully.

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Re: Collections?

I did pull for TU and EX and saw no category under collections.  No late payments since 2017, which are accurate.  The only issue is a 4 year lease from 2012 that is long gone qith an outstanding bill of $1,234.  That went into collections and I paid it for less.  The collection was taken off the report after but the lease is still showing open and on time payments since then.  Never disputed it as it was adding positive payment history and length of history.

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Re: Collections?

Well i have a collection that pops up under other accounts and another collection that pops up under collections. So make sure you don't see a collection agency somewhere else on your report.

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Re: Collections?

@jcooks wrote:

I see a collection listed on my main page of credit karma.

That's the problem.


Don't get me wrong! I LIKE Credit Karma and use it regularly. But I take everything it presents with a grain of salt.


They've had my Equifax figures wrong for several months now. Specifically, they're showing $25,000-ish less TCL than I actually have--and that they used to reflect. Because of that incorrect figure, they're also showing a higher overall utilization percentage. Ironically, though, all of their Equifax details are correct, i.e., the balance they show for each account is correct--but apparently they don't bother adding those up....because if they did, I wouldn't be missing $25,000+!  Last, but not least, their 'how much house can I buy?' calculator is LAUGHABLY WRONG!!!! Smiley Surprised


So take the advice given in this thread and don't worry about it. CK is good for what it is, but I don't use it to carve anything in stone.

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Re: Collections?

While your at it. Pull EQ also since its free at annual CR. Peek on there to. Cover all 3 bases since CK gives EQ info also.

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