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Comenity weird system messages

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Comenity weird system messages

Comenity has been sending some very unusual system messages lately.


Unfortunately, this is just further evidence of how disorganized Comenity is in general. This morning when my Good Sam statement cut, I received a message when logging in that they were "unable to deliver my e-statement to my e-mail address this month, so they sent a paper statement via the mail. We will attempt to deliver an e-statement again next month."


This happened twice before on a different Comenity card about 6 months ago. My e-mail address has been the same for years. Once I went in and re-entered the EXACT same e-mail address, all of a sudden the e-statement gets delivered.


Their systems are all scrambled, apparently. It's annoying when there is no issue with your e-mail address and they send you messages as if there is.


If there were not recent instances of them doing odd things with people's cards, I would call in. After the things that have been happening lately with others related to Comenity, I don't really feel comfortable doing that. When it happened 6 months ago on a different card, I did call in and they had no clue why it was happening.


Has anyone else had this happen? Comenity is weird and they make zero sense.



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