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Confirm your identity

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Confirm your identity

I set up a new account for the first time tonight with myFICO. Created the sign in and filled out all the info required including payment. Selected continue, and I was immediately referred to the customer service line due to not being able to verify my identity.


I then received an email telling me to "confirm your identity prior to purchasing any future myFICO®product." Checked my bank account, sure enough that money is on hold.


There was no attempt to verify my identity online with basic credit questions like other services use. I now have to wait until the customer service line is open to decide if I even want to use a service that holds money without guaranteeing the product or at least having a way to fix this without calling in.


Asking others I know that use this service, every single one has had this happen to them. Seems to be a common issue online as well. For someone who despises calling customer service, this is really annoying. Not to mention a waste of time with money held. I would like to know if there is anyway to fix this when outside of business hours or why this occurs without attempt to verify at all for these "instant score" packages?

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Re: Confirm your identity

Sounds like there is a fraud alert on your EQ. They need to talk to you and verify its you.

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Re: Confirm your identity

If it is fraud, it is definitely something you want to call and be aware about.

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