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Confused about a Collection Account..

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Confused about a Collection Account..

Ok im so confused here and i read the Credit Scoring 101 thread but im still having a hard time understanding something.  Here's my situtation, I have an account reported to all 3 CRAs as follows:
TU = In Collections Category
EX = In Collections Category
EQ = Not listed under Collections but only as an Account with a description of a Collection Account.
My Original Balance on this was $2715.00. Current Balance is now $5,957.00.
Now here is where I get thrown off. Date Assigned was 6/20/2002 for TU and EX under the Collections Category.
The Date of Last Payment is 10/2001 for EQ under the Accounts section.
Question 1:
What is the correct DOLA for this account and does it have any affect on your score if the Account is not listed in the Collections Category (EX) when you pull your Credit Report?
Question 2:
This account is on 2 of 3 CRAs as Public Records with a reported date of 03/06...SOL in my state is 4 years. Basicly, the debt collection SOL is a time limit for creditor to file a lawsuit to recover delinquent debt. This period started here depends on what the answer is in Question 1. Is it over 4 years with the 2 different dates shown above?
Anyway my Credit Report is a mess and im trying to understand it before i pursue any further.
Any advice is gladly appreciated.
As of 3/17/08 - TU 619 / EQ 666 / Ex 624
As of 4/17/08 -TU 621 / EQ 671 / Ex 626
As of 6/07/08 - TU 627/ EQ 688 / EQ 644
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Re: Confused about a Collection Account..

Since DOLP is Oct 2001, call the CRAs and ask them what the DOFD (Date Of First Delinquency) is. 7 years beyond that, give or take 180 days, and it has to drop from your CRs. This one looks very close to dropping.
SOL is almost always calculated from DOLP. You're out from under the SOL.
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