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Conns changed dofd

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Conns changed dofd

Do I have to now wait another seven years before this account is removed. DOFD is 2013 and 2015, two different accounts. How do I correct this?

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Re: Conns changed dofd

If a reported DOFD is inaccurate, you can dispute either via the CRA or by sending a direct dispute to the creditor or debt collector who furnished the DOFD.  They are two alternate dispute processes provided under the FCRA.

See FCRA 611(a) and FCRA 623(a)(8).


Reporting of a DOFD is required under FCRA 623(a)(5) whenever a furnisher has reported either a charge-off or a collection.

The procedure that a funisher must use in obtaining and reporting a DOFD is outlined in detail in section 623(a)(5).

If you have documentation that what they have reported is inaccurate, you can dispute its accuracy.


Do you have documentation showing when the account first became delinquent, and that it thereafter remained delinquent up to the time of taking of a CO or reporting of the collection?

If so, decide which type of dispute you wish to file, which then determines who it is sent to, and include your supporting documentation.

The furnisher then has (normally) 30-days which to respond back either to the CRA or directly to you.

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