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Credit Bureau Reporting Errors

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Credit Bureau Reporting Errors

Hello Everyone, I am a long time lurker but first time poster. I have a couple questions about my credit report reporting 2 closed accounts that were included in a ch 13 bankruptcy filed in 6/2009 and discharged in 7/2014.

I'm in the middle of a mortgage refinance and I got a report from the bank with my credit score but also mentioned that I had lates on my report. I was quite confused about this because I am incredibly meticulous about paying my bills early and in full.

So I just now pulled all 3 reports and they are showing 2 of the accounts IIB as the lates. From 9/2009 to 1/2014 credit bureau reports as NR.

From 2/2014 to 6/2016 it is showing 180 days late for each month. 

Now 7/2/2016 last report shows pays as agreed. I haven't paid a dime on these accounts since 2009...

They are both Comenity accounts.

Despite this, I was approved for my mortgage refinance and is in final review.

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice anyone may have.


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Re: Credit Bureau Reporting Errors

If they were discharged in BK then they cannot be late post the filing date so I would dispute those as being in error and get them to show as IIB. Welcome to the board Smiley Happy

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Re: Credit Bureau Reporting Errors

Thank you! I contacted all 3 bureaus and have filed a dispute. Comenity closed the accounts in 6/09 but started reporting again in 2/14, showing 29 straight months late(yikes). Apparently I haven't checked my credit reports in a while or I would if caught this sooner, which is my fault. 

And if it seems weird that my username is different, something went wrong with my original account so I had to start a new one, who knows what I did, lol.

Again thank you for your response!

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