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Credit Reports - Annual Format Style

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Credit Reports - Annual Format Style

So back in the summer I got my annual free reports.


What's the best way to get an updated version - in that format. I'm not seeing a 'pay' option on the website.

I subscribe to the TU site and they gve me the daily update, but it's not the sma eformat.

Any ideas (for all three bureaus) to get the 'full' style?



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Re: Credit Reports - Annual Format Style

Did you obtain these reports via


How important to you is it to obtain your reports in the exact same format as you did previously?  Unless you are a resident of one the Magnificient Seven states that permit you to get extra free reports directly from the bureaus (Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Vermont) you will have to pay each time.


There are, however, many free tools out there that permit you to access your reports daily (TU), weekly (TU and EQ) or monthly (EX).


PS.  You mention that you subscribe to a credit monitoring service (CMS) from TU.  Does that service cost you anything?  If so, you might want to consider exploring free or ultra-low-cost options.

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Re: Credit Reports - Annual Format Style

Thanks. yes I am looking at versions from annualcreditreport


I don't mind paying.


My 'issue' is this.  The Annual  Report format reports "no data" for some months on Equifax.

I have reports from Equifax *investigations* that don't list ANYTHING for some months.  (Where previously there was late data). And where I know the payment was made on time, still no data listed.


I want to point out that the information is incomplete. 


Much easier to do with a document in my hand that says "No Data" - rather than just a blank. At least that was my thinking.

I talked to an attorney and he wanted the annualcreditreport  reports too. 



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Re: Credit Reports - Annual Format Style

Here is an article about the M7 that walks a person how to get his reports when he has already exhausted his ACR option:


You can tweak the guidance slightly where appropriate if you are not in fact a resident of one of those 7 states.  It still basically tells you where to go and what to do.


Personally though I'd encourage you to talk more with the folks here before you invest more money (e.g. payments to attorneys) and time on something that may have zero impact on your credit score.  Specifically the month by  month OK's and so forth -- as I understand it from the veterans of this site, they have no effect on your score.  Only if the report calls out a specific derog: e.g. a Day 30 Late or collection or chargeoff (etc.).

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Re: Credit Reports - Annual Format Style

What I am trying to do (on the rebuilding credit thread) is establish that string of delinquencies are over 7 years old. And should come off.


I know the data on my report is incomplete.

if I can show that the data is missing, by comparing old and new reports then I think I have a decent chance of getting the whole thing removed.

As it has 2 or more 120 days late on a mortgage this is very much in my best interest.

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Re: Credit Reports - Annual Format Style

Awesome!  Sounds like you are totally on top of this.  Best of luck...

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