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Credit Reports Missing Active Accounts

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Credit Reports Missing Active Accounts

Hi everyone,


I just pulled all 3 of my credit scores and reports through CreditSecure with Amex.  Noticed that scores are quite different with Experian at 742, Equifax at 728 and TransUnion at 761.


I noticed the number of active accounts on file for a 3 are different with Equifax only showing 4 while others are 10+.  Noticed that Equifax does not have any of my OPEN/Active Citibank(3) credit cards which so happens to be my longest opened accounts.  This would lower my score due to a lower average age which shows to be much lower on Equifax vs others.  Overall, all 3 dont have all my accounts.  




1)  Do I need to contact Equifax to get them to add those accounts or do I need to call Citibank to get them to push the data to Equifax

2)  Is this common?  I heard it's the Banks(accounts) that determine who they send data to

3)  Can I and should I be consolidating the details on all 3 companies to match all my account details?

4)  I tried to report it to Equifax through their online system and noticed that I can only dispute "Existing" accounts on their system and not report missing accounts.  How can I do this?



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Re: Credit Reports Missing Active Accounts

Welcome to the forums!


The scores from Amex's CreditSecure are FAKO scores called PLUS scores. The scores from the CRAs are different. EX and TU should be offering a FAKO score called a Vantage. The score pushed by EQ is a FAKO called an "Equifax Credit Score". And of course if you were to pull your FICO scores then they'd be different too.


IMO, ignore the summaries offered in each report/service. FICO could view them differently. I've had some discrepencies especially via Equifax's services.


AAoA is the average age of accounts. While some FAKO scores and services count AAoA for open accounts only, FICO counts ALL OC accounts into AAoA including open, closed, and even charged-off accounts. AAoA does not include any collection agencies or public records.


Per non-reporting accounts, don't mess with them if they are closed. There's no rule that a creditor has to report to all 3, and it isn't uncommon to have accounts to report on one and not the others. If you ask a closed creditor to report to another report there's a good chance they'd delete off the ones they are reporting on now vs. adding to the one(s) they aren't reporting to.

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Re: Credit Reports Missing Active Accounts

The Citi accounts are open/active, correct?


Citi reports to all three CRAs. Is there any reason not to call Citi and specify those accounts and request them to report correctly?


The scores from CreditSecure are nonsense and so is the advise BUT increased AAoA has to help a real credit score like FICO also.


It is correct that the lender has to send the data for a missing account to the CRA.

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Re: Credit Reports Missing Active Accounts

Here's the kicker!  I check a old 2010 saved credit report pull that shows from all 3 agencies and Equifax back in 2010 had my Citi accounts in there!  I have read other threads that show this happening to them too.


Now what do I do if anything?  Have you guys have had that happen to you?  Whats the best next course of action.  


I plan on buying a house in the next 6 months.

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Re: Credit Reports Missing Active Accounts

GregB wrote:

The Citi accounts are open/active, correct?


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Re: Credit Reports Missing Active Accounts

The issue is whether the creditor actually chose to report account deletion to one or more CRAs, which they are entitled to do, or whether there is some snafu at the CRA.

Being a major creditor, that is kinda doubtful, as I see no reason for such selective deletion.

Consumers want their full, correct postive accounts to report, and propspective creditors want to see that information.  That is what the entire system is here for.


I would definately call the creditor and see whether they actually reported a deletion.  The potential that they will choose to delete from all CRAs is slim to none, and the potential advantage could be significant.

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