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Credit Reports Using Billing Not Home Address


Credit Reports Using Billing Not Home Address

I recently got an Auto Loan and all the lenders ended up calling me or asking online to upload proof of address.  The reason is, I use a mail scanning service so all my billing addresses for all my accounts are not my home address.  YET, all the credit applications ask for a home address so it sends a red flag to the creditor that the addresses don't match.


Obviously the credit reporting agencies are getting the address from the existing accounts I have.  It seems I'm better off using my billing address on my credit applications as opposed to going through the hassle of trying to get the credit reporting agencies to update my address to my home address as then I would think it could just at some point reset back to the billing address when that info comes over from any existing or new accounts using my billing address.

Anyone else run into this issue? What did YOU do?

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