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Credit Score Disappeared

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Credit Score Disappeared

My oldest tradeline was deleted from all 3 CB's! The account was closed and pif however there were a cpl 30 day lates associated with it. I disputed those and now that tradeline is gone. I now do not have a score with EX. My open accounts are credit cards and the oldest one is 5 mos. old.  I'm assuming that is why I have no score as I now don't meet the 6 mo min. req. Will my score reappear next month (6 mo. mark)? Will it be higher, lower or the same as it was previously? Will the same happen now with TU and EQ? I pif 4 of my accounts monthly, I allow 1 to report $6 or $8 and then pif. Help, I went from credit building to credit demolition with record speed!

10/17 453-TU, 511-EQ, 544-EX
01/18 560-TU, 574-EQ, 542-EX
04/18 629-TU, 650-EQ, 617-EX 1st goal 600's across the board *goal met 04/1/18
next goal 680's across the board*goal met 09/08/18
10/03/18 718-TU, 727-EQ, 715-EX next goal 750's
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Re: Credit Score Disappeared

Fico will be able to generated one day past the 6 month mark as far as what it will be that remains to be seen.
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