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Credit Score Questions -Credit Karma vs FICO & Installment loan.

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Credit Score Questions -Credit Karma vs FICO & Installment loan.

So, I get my FICO score from a couple sources (Experian directly, few credit cards).   My FICO score is 733 on Experian for example and 692 with Equifax on Credit Karma.  That is a big difference.  The only real negatives I have is utilization.  Around 32% ($20k of $64k available).  I pay 100% on time, all greens across the board.  I also have 3 paid off auto loans(2 finance and 1 lease) and currently paying a lease with no missed payments, this is done is July.  I have no mortgage, no medical or student loans.  I also just took out an installment loan to replace HVAC of around $7000.  It shows 1 payment right now.  Here are my questions....


1-Why is there such a difference between Experian FICO and Credi Karma?  Which is more accurate for lenders?  Particularly auto lenders?

2-My score dropped 24 poins with Credit Karma but only about 10 when the installment loan was added to my credit report?

3-What factors are most important with auto lenders?  Particularly an auto lease?  I don't want to fall to a lower tier and pay more.  

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Re: Credit Score Questions -Credit Karma vs FICO & Installment loan.

Credit Karma does not provide a real credit score. They're there to sell credit card applications. The only score you need to be concerned with is your fico score. Credit karma is good for seeing your reporting dates for credit cards and things like that. But the score should not be regarded as anything but a marketing tool.
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