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Credit Score dropped need help


Credit Score dropped need help

I need some help understanding why my fico score on experian dropped 57 points, I have medical debt from years ago some bills are coming on 7 years this year, all of a sudden in november 2016  7 collections appeared that were not there because they had been removed by one collection agency now here they are and my points dropped by 57, I thought old debt and age could not change this. why are my reports and scoring saying I have recent collections when the actual dates they were from were 2010 and 2011 and 2012 but nothing shows that on my reports it makes it look like I have  major hospital bills not paid from 2016, when all of them were insurance errors of not being billed correctly and I can't prove it. I am over the collection agency's pulling and putting this stuff on and off making it look bad because state laws prevent them from suing , so they try and use your credit report to do it , everyone says it doesn't affect your score that much but here is the proof it did the only thing different was the 7 collections added to my report and my score dropped. Even on here when I look at experian it say I have recent collections 3 to 7 years is not recent.

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Re: Credit Score dropped need help

That's the bad thing about unpaid collections being sold. You can verify the DOFD with the credit bureaus. That should not change. As long as they remain unpaid they will continue to count as a recent derogatory account.

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