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Re: Fraud Department

Most likely Verizon will ask for a copy of a police report or some other sworn statement.


Interesting posting history; especially this one:  *Credit Topic * PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME

Hey my name’s rich & I’ve been a victim to a scam where i was told that i could take out multiple iPhones worth 1200$ each under my name, they’ll sell the phones & pay me for it, they also told me that it won’t effect my credit score, something about they changed the number ports so it won’t effect it so i went for it, even tho they paid for the down payments. I still received a bill from both Verizon & AT&T under my name & i believe my credit is on its way down the dump, I’m 19 & my credit score is 695 but i have 2 more weeks until the bills are due & each of them is about 350$. I don’t have 700$ to hold them off & i believe I’m actually almost 4000$ in debt with both companies combined. I need help with what i need to do to protect myself from this harm so my credit score won’t get ruined

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