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Credit freeze

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Credit freeze

Will I be able to pull my FICO score  with credit freeze? 

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Re: Credit freeze

You will not be able to pull a fico score through myfico with a credit freeze. There is one exception to this. If you have credit monitoring through Equifax you can control your credit freeze yourself online. So if you do go to the Equifax site & temporary unlock your credit report. Then go to myfico to pull your report & score. The other option would be to call the 800 number to temporally have the freeze lifted. issued do believe that it costs $ 10. You should have a printed copy from the credit bureau that has issued the credit freeze. I have done both the over the telephone freeze but I now have control over my credit freeze.

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Re: Credit freeze

So does this go for TU as well?  I have a freeze on my TU acount would I have to temp unfreeze it before I buy the myFICO score for TU?  Only makes since but  just figured I would ask?

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