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Credit puzzle

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Credit puzzle


i had a Wells Fargo financial card--listed as a credit card. 

On equifax it shows:

the account was closed 8/2009

late payments 3/2010, 4/2010, 5/2010, 6/2010, 7/2010

Last payment and last activity 1/2013

they closed the account with a balance owing and I mad monthly payments until it was paidoff 1/2013

Will the negative history remain through 1/2020, all negative drop at the date of the first delinquency 3/2017, or will each late drop from 3/2017 through 7/2017?


Puzzle 2

TD Auto (for Chrysler financial)

Late payment 12/2009, 1/2010, 2/2010

last payment 4/2010

last activity 11/2010

will the lates drop off between 12/2016 through 2/2017? Or do they stay until 11/2017?


thank you 



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Re: Credit puzzle

Monthly delinquencies each have their own separate exclusion date of no later than 7 years from the mo/yr of their occurence.

Use of the date of first delinquency only applies to the exclusion of a charge-off or collection.


With that being said, some posters in the forum have seen the CRA exclude all delinquencies in a chain once 7 years has passed from the first delinquency in the chain.

It is not required, but it could happen if the CRA wishes to simply its exclusions to a single action.......

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Re: Credit puzzle

puzzle 1


date of the first delinquency.. everything that I've read states THIS is the dropoff date you go by.


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Re: Credit puzzle

DOFD only applies to the exclusion of collections and charge-offs.  FCRA 605(c).

Monthly delinquencies are governed by FCRA 650(a)(5) which mandates exclusion no later than 7 years from the date of the adverse item.

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