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Credit sesame

How reliable is credit sesame? I seen credit card offers on there that says very good chance, good chance and fair chances of approval and there is an amount also with each card offer that credit sesame claims that they seen other people in my credit boat get for a credit limit on those particular cards. For instance, I am still waiting ( been 2 weeks today) to see if approved by BOFA and it states I have good chances with amount up to $4986. Thoughts anyone?
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Re: Credit sesame

Credit Sesame is very UNreliable. Don't trust any of their recommendations. Go to the preapproval sites for the cards and see if there are any offers.
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Re: Credit sesame

None of the free credit report sites recommendations for CCs are reliable, getting you to app for a CC is their main source of income, so they're not exactly unbiased. I use Credit Karma over Sesame, and when over half their recommendations with "Very Good" or "Excellent" chances are for cards I already have, you know they're flying blind.


The best place to see your chances of approval for a CC are the pre-qualification sites of the CC issuers themselves. Google "(CC issuer) pre-qualification" and you'll find them, such as "Capital One pre-qualification".


The most reliable pre-qual sites, in my opinion, are:

- Capital One

- American Express

- Citi Bank

- Chase


Unreliable pre-qual sites are:

- Discover

- Bank of America


For a pre-qualifcation it should say something like: "You're preapproved", and quote you an exact APR. If they say "We recommend" and give you a range of interest rates like 12.75%-24.99%, that is NOT a pre-qualification and don't trust it.

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