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Current Addrese Not Showing In Myfico EQ File

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Current Addrese Not Showing In Myfico EQ File

Had a situation where a CU pulled my EQ but couldn't verify my current address.


So I went to the EQ site and sure enough my current address was listed. 🤔


Okay, so I immediately go to CK and check the EQ report they have, and sure enough my most current address is listed. 


So I finally pull up the monthly EQ report from Myfico and NO current address??? Just the previous one.


I call EQ, get a rep on the line who tells me "everything looks good from here" ...


I explain my situation and they recommended removing the previous address all together, give it about two weeks to filter through, and my current address should reflect across the board.


While I'm okay with the 'fix', I am still baffled as to why EQ in some systems (like MyFico) is not capturing the updated address (which was updated back in 2021 across the other CRA's including EQ?


Thank goodness the CC app associated with the CU is good for 30 days, but also contingent on membership which could not be approved due to the EQ error.


Any thoughts or explainations? 🤔


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Re: Current Addrese Not Showing In Myfico EQ File

No real explanation but EQ seems to be the bureau some folks have problems with myself included.  

When you updated the address info with the bureaus was that do to move/ literal change of address?  

If so, all that I may suggest is to do/re-do a change of address card at your local Post office if that has not been done.  That should assist in re-populating many different agency databases and serve as proof of a registered address, if need in the future.  - GL


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Re: Current Addrese Not Showing In Myfico EQ File

Your creditors are the ones that place addresses on your file that matches their accounts. Make sure all accounts have your current address. On the other hand. When I applied for a SunTrust card. Same thing happed with good ole EQ. Had to send in copies of DL and utility bill which I did. Then SunTrust approved me. Plus I had a split file to go along with it.

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